Stunning Portraits of Vanishing Tribes

Photographer Jimmy Nelson chronicles the 3 years he spent photographing 30 different tribes and cultures on the verge of extinction in this amazing book and beautifully crafted website. Many of the photos were shot with Nikon equipment (D3x) and the project provides a beautiful and captivating visual testimony to these vanishing cultures.

424 pp book available for purchase

Photographer Jimmy Nelson


Photographer Creates X-ray Image of Nikon Photographer

U.K. Photographer Nick Veasey created this amazing X-ray image of a photographer shooting a Nikon D3X for the Focus on Imaging 2010 catalog cover. It’s a composite image built with Photoshop, requiring multiple x-rays of both camera and photographer. The video below shows a behind-the-scenes look of how the image was created.


The World is Your Studio: Nikon D3x Microsite

Nikon has launched the D3x microsite, a showcase of photographs taken with their new top-of-the-line DSLR.

The Nikon D3x boasts a full-frame, 24.5 megapixel sensor and a multidude of new features aimed at the serious professional photographer. Dispite its high price, praise for the D3x is universal with What Digital Camera giving it a 94% score and TestFreaks a 9 out of 10 rating. Have a look at how four of the world's top photographers have worked with the D3x on a variety of assignments.


Nikon D3x: Medium Format Quality in a DSLR?

D3x tester Lloyd Chambers reaches some interesting conclusions in his recent blog post about the new D3x flagship model from Nikon:

"As I began shooting the new Nikon D3x in December 2008, I immediately noticed something unusual: images from the D3x seemed exceptionally well “anchored”, with dark tones looking pure, matching real life better than I’d ever seen with a DSLR. This came not long after my experience with the Mamiya DL28 medium format system, and my initial reaction was that the D3x behaved more like the DL28 than a DSLR! Numerous field images reinforced this view, even 30 second exposures in deep blue shade: the D3x images were stunningly “clean”, something I’d never seen before in a DSLR."

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Joe McNally on the D3x

Noted photojournalist Joe McNally has posted some of his impressions on the new D3x and calls it a "monster of a camera" that rivals medium-format in terms of detail and image quality.