Nikon D-Movie Screening Room

Nikon D-Movie Screening RoomNikon has just launched the "D-Movie Screening Room", a site dedicated to showcasing videos shot with the D90 and D5000 cameras.

The Nikon D90 and D5000 deliver stunning HD-quality movie clips with beautiful image quality and sound. Both accept a wide range of interchangeable NIKKOR lenses, providing outstanding optical quality allowing for a variety of cinematic perspectives. Nikon’s D-Movie function can open new channels of creativity for everyone. In the hands of a professional cinematographer, D-Movie has the power to move and inspire.


Digital vs Film : D700 vs F5

Digital vs Film comparison D700 vs F5

Has digital photography finally eclipsed film in terms of resolution and image quality? The Gadget Show in England did a heads-on comparison between the Nikon D700 (digital) and the Nikon F5 (film), printing massive posters the size of a building to compare the results. Guess which camera came out the clear winner? See the results...