My Picturetown


Nikon Unveils Updated Version of My Picturetown

Nikon Corporation has announced that a completely revamped version of my Picturetown, Nikon's image sharing and storage service, has been activated.

The revamped my Picturetown site offers a new design as well as new functions and services for simpler, more intuitive operation.  Among the new services available is the unique "PhotoMovie" service that allows you to combine photos, messages and music with special effects to create original "PhotoMovie" that can be shared with other members.

In August of this year, Nikon celebrated the third anniversary of the my Picturetown service. Since its launch, my Picturetown membership has grown to 1,000,000. With the development of new functions and services, and improvements to those with which members have become familiar, Nikon and my Picturetown continue to propose new ways of enjoying digital photos.


Nikon Releases My Picturetown app for iPhone/iPod Touch

my Picturetown

 Nikon has just released its first iPhone application. Now you can easily view and upload photos to your my Picturetown account from an iPhone or iPod touch. Access all photos stored in your my Picturetown account, view and create photo albums, change photos from landscape or portrait mode with the flick of a finger.

Download app for free from iTunes Store (iTunes required)