Nikkor AF-S 400mm f/2.8G ED VR Review by Thom Hogan

Thom Hogan takes a look at Nikon's $9,000+ sports and wildlife killer zoom lens. Does this lens have what it takes? Is it worth the price tag? Read Thom's review to find out.


Total Production of NIKKOR Lenses reaches 55 Million!

Nikon have been very busy lately and last month (August 2010) they celebrated an amazing milestone when they produced their 55 millionth NIKKOR lens! Congratulations Nikon!

And in case you missed it, Nikon added 2 more NIKKORs this month to its line-up, the brand new 35mm f /1.4G and the updated, even-better-than before 200mm f/2 G ED VRII. Nikon is really on a roll it seems...


AF-S NIKKOR 28-300mm f/3.5-5.6G ED VR - Review and Sample Photos

Nikkor 28-300

Photographer and blogger Bob Krist has written one of the first reviews of Nikon's new 28-300mm f/3.5-5.6 FX format zoom lens and also posted some sample photos. According to Bob, this new lens is even better than Nikon's 18-200mm DX zoom.

I have to say that this lens, along with the venerable 18-200mm Nikkor, has completely turned my head around when it comes to the viability of a variable aperture uni-zoom as a professional tool. This one, in particular, blew my mind and spun my head around 360 degrees…(think Linda Blair in The Exorcist!). I couldn’t find a downside to it.

-Bob Krist

Read Bob Krist's full review here

For more sample photo's taken with Nikon's spiffy new 28-300mm VRII lens, checkout this Flickr photoset from Lindsey Silverman.


NIkon Announces AF-S NIKKOR 200-400mm f/4G ED VR II

From Nikon's Press Release:

An FX-format compatible super telephoto zoom lens with Nano Crystal Coat and VR II vibration reduction system

AF-S NIKKOR 24mm f/1.4G ED

Nikon Corporation is pleased to announce the release of the AF-S NIKKOR 200-400mm f/4G ED VR II, an FX-format compatible telephoto zoom lens offering Nikon's exclusive support for focal lengths from 200 mm to the super telephoto 400 mm.

The AF-S NIKKOR 200-400mm f/4G ED VR II is a successor to the AF-S VR Zoom-Nikkor 200-400mm f/4G IF-ED, offering improvements in performance and function. In addition to the adoption of Nano Crystal Coat and the VR II vibration reduction system, which offers camera shake compensation equivalent to a shutter speed increase of approximately 4 stops, the lens is equipped with A/M (autofocus with manual override, AF priority) mode. A wide variety of angles of view are supported by the 200 mm telephoto to 400 mm super telephoto range of focal lengths. This lens is perfect for capturing subjects that require zoom capability, including sports, press and bird photography.


Nikkor Lenses Simulator

Nikkor Lens Simulator

Nikon recently published a nifty web based tool that allows you to simulate how different lenses ranging from wide to telescopic and different sensor formats can interact to create different photographs. Here's the direct link to Nikon's Lenses Simulator