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51 Sample Images from the Nikon V1

Nikon V1 sample image

Digital Photography Now has published a gallery of 51 images taken with the new Nikon V1 compact camera, shot at different focal lengths and ISOs ranging from 100 - 1600. These images were provided by Nikon to journalists during the recent product launch and show off the real world image capabilities of Nikon's new "1" series.


NIkon V1 Hands-on Preview

An early look at Nikon's new V1 camera showing off things like auto-focus speed and general camera functionality.


Nikon Announces New Camera System: Nikon 1

In a move that was widely anticipated by many industry observers, Nikon today announced a totally new, compact, mirrorless camera system - the Nikon 1. The first completely new system in nearly 50 years, the Nikon 1 It has been completely designed from scratch as a compact, interchangeable lens camera for the enthusiast photographer. Two models were announced today to launch the new system and lens format (dubbed CX). The new models are called the V1 and the J1 and both cameras incorporate a 10 MP, 2.7x crop sensor and a maximum ISO of 3200. The V1 (starting at $899 US) includes an electronic viewfinder while the J1 (starting at $649 US) is a trimmed down version without the viewfinder. Four new CX-format lenses were also announced and the new cameras will also be able to use Nikon F-Mount lenses with an adapter.

Here are the main specs:

  • 10.1-megapixel CX format CMOS sensor (13.2mm x 8.88mm)
  • All-new Nikon 1 lens mount system (supports F-Mount with adapter)
  • Dual-core Expeed 3 sensor and processing engine
  • A new 73-point hybrid autofocus system that combines contrast and phase-detection, switching between the two seamlessly
  • Video: 1080p/30fps; 1080i/60fps; 720p/60fps; output in h.264 format
  • Slow motion video: 640 x 240/400fps; 320 x 120/1,200 fps
  • ISO 100-3200 (expandable to 6400)
  • 10fps bursts, but with AF locked, it can shoot at up to 60fps, which is the world's fastest continuous shooting speed, according to Nikon
  • 12-bit RAW
Nikon V1 Camera

Nikon V1 camera system with accessories

Nikon J1 Camera

Nikon J1 camera system in white