The Power of Images: Nikon COOLPIX S1200pj

A short promotional film about the projection capabilities of the new Nikon COOLPIX S1200pj, a camera you can connect to an iPad or iPhone.


New COOLPIX Cameras, We Pick Our Favorites

NIkon just announced its latest new COOLPIX models, 3 of which we think are really interesting and can't wait to get our hands on :)

COOLPIX 7100 (USD $499.95 MSRP)

Nikon COOLPIX 7100 front Nikon COOLPIX 7100 back

The most compelling new model just announced this week, in our opinion, is the new COOLPIX 7100. This camera is an improved version of the COOLPIX 7000, which had already received great reviews but suffered from a few key problems like slow operation compared to other cameras in the same category. Nikon has listened to the critics though and significantly improved operational speed while also adding a swivelling LCD panel to the back. These updates, along with a host of other small but well thought-out improvements make the COOLPIX 7100 one the the best COOLPIX's ever and it now competes even better with Canon's highend G12 compact. This could very well be the best camera available from any manufacturer in its category.

COOLPIX AW100 (USD $379.95 MSRP)


The next most interesting camera is a totally new model, the first ruggedized, water-proof, freeze-proof and shock-proof COOLPIX ever offered by Nikon - The COOLPIX AW100. Designed specifically for rugged outdoor use, this mini-tank of a camera also comes with a built-in Global Positioning System (GPS), an electronic compass and even world-map! With a 16MP CMOS sensor and full HD (1080P) video recording, it should satisfy a lot of users who need a compact camera that can survive extreme shooting and handling conditions. For an early hands-on look, check out Engadget's review and videos.

COOLPIX S1200pj (USD $429.95 MSRP)

The 3rd new COOLPIX we are really excited about is the COOLPIX S1200pj Nikon's latest version of the "pj" series which offers an unique built-in projector screen, an industry exclusive. This latest incarnation is better than ever and in addition to sexier looks, offers 14.1- MP, brighter DLP projection technology with uses less power and the ability to project photos and movies onto any flat surface up to 60 inches diagonally. Compatible with iPhone®, iPad® or iPod touch®, the COOLPIX S1200pj can project images, movies and web content from any of these devices. Though it's a bit pricey, the ability to project still images or video offers something no other camera on the market is capable of. Engadget's review and videos also cover this camera.