Nikon D750 Fast Start training video

If you're like me, you only skim through manuals like Nikon's 500+ page whopper that comes with their D750 DSLR. But this is a deep camera with a myriad of functions and options; there's just too much stuff to comprehend that you won't learn simply by fiddling around with the controls. In Creative Live's latest video series -- priced at only $29 -- John Greengo dives deep into the D750's controls and operations, making you an expert in only 5 hours of viewing. This is a must for every D750 owner who wants to get to know their camera! Click here to find out more


Nikonians Academy Europe Announces New Workshops and New Schedule for 2011

The Nikonians academy has just announced its 2011 schedule of photography-related workshops in Europe.  Workshops will take place in the UK, Belgium and Netherlands.

About Nikonians Academy Workshops

▪ Exclusive to Nikonians Members
▪ Practical, hands-on training
▪ Interactive - free to ask questions
▪ Comprehensive and in-depth learning experience
▪ Small group sizes; maximum of 15 members
▪ Instructors workshop presentation material provided F.O.C.
▪ High quality Instructors - friendly, helpful, knowledgeable and inspiring

All workshops cost EUR 150

Workshops Topics Include
▪ Master your Nikon D300/D300s In Depth 
▪ Master your Nikon D700 & D3/D3s/D3x In Depth 
▪ Master your Nikon i-TTL Wireless Flash, CLS 
▪ Master your Nikon DSLR Essentials 



U.K. Portraits for Profit Workshop

Recently awarded ‘UK Environmental Portrait Photographer of the Year’, Uzair Kharawala will demonstrate how you can run a profitable and flourishing ‘Home Studio’ business. Using minimal equipment and shooting on-location, you will learn how to produce images in a variety of lighting conditions including indoors and outdoors. Creating simple yet appealing images which will sell, you will learn all you need to begin marketing yourself to your target audience. This workshop will deal with all aspects of ‘Lifestyle’ Portraiture’.