Nikon D750 Fast Start training video

If you're like me, you only skim through manuals like Nikon's 500+ page whopper that comes with their D750 DSLR. But this is a deep camera with a myriad of functions and options; there's just too much stuff to comprehend that you won't learn simply by fiddling around with the controls. In Creative Live's latest video series -- priced at only $29 -- John Greengo dives deep into the D750's controls and operations, making you an expert in only 5 hours of viewing. This is a must for every D750 owner who wants to get to know their camera! Click here to find out more


Nikon Everyday Cinema Video Contest

Nikon is running a new short video contest (less than 3 minutes) for videos posted via YouTube or Vimeo. Videos can be shot on any type of equipment. Top prize is a Nikon D4 based video kit with 6 lenses and accessories worth $17,000!


Top Gear Selections For HD-SLR Video Beginners

Emmy Award-winning filmmaker, David Wright, talks about his transition from still photographer to cinematographer and shares his recommendations for gear choices in this new article on the Nikon Cinema Blog

David Wright on shooting HD-SLR video with Nikon equipment


Nikon D800 Video Preview

The Verge has put up one of the first hands-on previews of Nikon's new D800:


10 Best Videos Made with the Nikon D90 has a list of the "10 Best Videos Done with the Nikon D90". Nice to see so many people using a D90 to make videos.  Here's a Heineken commercial shot entirely in HD with the D90: