Giant Chess Set Using Real Camera Lenses Pits Nikon vs Canon

Camera Lens Chess Set

The folks at Lensrentals.com must have too much time and too much inventory on hand as evidenced by this giant chess set they have devised. The set uses 32 real lenses from Canon and Nikon and includes 70-200 f/2.8 pawns, 600mm f/4 Kings and 500mm f4 Queens, 400mm f/2.8 Bishops, 300mm f/2.8 Knights, and 200mm f/2.0 Rooks in black (Nikon) and white (Canon).

You can rent the chess set for a mere $9,221 (plus shipping) or buy it for only $151,202.17! If you don’t already have an appropriate size chess board they will even throw in a complete set of 32 white and 32 black stick-on 12" square vinyl tiles so you can create your own.