D3 Announcement Imminent?

Many Nikon professionals from around the world have confirmed receiving invitations from Nikon this month to a "very exciting launch" in the August 23 - 25th time frame. Speculation is rampant that this my be the announcement of the long awaited Nikon full frame DSLR body. The photo below posted on a Japanese web site recently makes mention of 51 Autofocus Points, 9fps Continous Shooting and a 3.0 inch TFT display with 920,000 pixels.


40 Million Nikkor SLR Lenses (and Counting)

Celebrating the 40th anniversary of the introduction of their F-mount SLR lens series, Nikon also announced that production figures for Nikkor lenses surpassed the 40 million mark this month. Read more...

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D3 Rumors Persist

The internet seems to be buzzing with rumors of a new "D3" camera to be released by Nikon, possibly full frame, possibly announced in late August or September of 2007. Here's a link to one of the many rumors floating around with a little more detail:


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Nikon Overtakes Canon in Japanese DSLR Market

Thanks to the strong performance of new models such as the D40 and D80, Nikon edged out Canon for the top sales position in the Japanese DSLR market in 2006 according to a report by market research firm BCN. As of December 2006, Nikon had a 47% share of the Japanese DSLR market compared to Canon's 35%. Read more.

DSLR sales percentage for Japanese market

1. Canon EOS Kiss Digital X --------- 27.3% (400D/Rebel XTi)
2. Nikon D80 ---------------------------- 16.3%
3. Nikon D40 ---------------------------- 15.5%