Santa Fe Digital Darkroom Free PDFs

The Santa Fe Digital Darkroom provides some great PDF tips and tutorials each month that can be downloaded for free. This months offerings include a Digital Darkroom Guide to embedding copyright info into photos using Photoshop CS2 and a very interesting resolution comparison between the Nikon D200/D2X and Canon 1DS Mark II.


PlanetNikon Monthly Photo Contest: Landscapes and Scenics


PlanetNikon has just announced their August Monthly Photo Contest which covers Landscapes and Scenics. This is a good chance to submit your photo or vote on other people's submissions. Click here for more info.


Ken Rockwell Mentions D80 and Publishes Specs


Ken Rockwell, a long time authoritative Nikon commentator writes that the new Nikon will be called the D80 and is an update of the D70/D70s model. He forecasts the following specs compared to the D70:

10 Megapixels, up from 6
2.5" LCD, up from 2.0"
4.5 FPS, up from 3
1/250 sync speed, down from 1/500